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Express Your Love with Yvonne Rose Jewelry


Love is the way! Everyone should express and celebrate love every day of the year. The love inspired Yvonne Rose Jewelry collection is the perfect way to accessorize any outfit and show your love. There are four beautiful necklaces in the collection that allow you to express the way you feel about love.

Love Story #1

This unique labradorite chaplet features the Star of David pendant and a gold-plated clasp. It’s 21 inches long and has 12mm square faceted labradorite wire with gold plated high-quality sterling silver wire. Labradorite is known as a protective and highly mystical stone. It has the power to bring light to whoever wears it, meaning connecting with universal energies. Labradorite is also helpful for those who suffer from fear and anxiety due to life problems. This mystical stone is capable of banishing insecurities and fear.

Love Story #2

This loving Pirate long necklace has a gold-plated chain and clasp. It is made with Pyrite stones that are known to be powerful in protecting the person who wears it. This powerful stone protects and shields the user from negative emotional, physical and etheric energies. It also has the power to activate nourishing energies of the body and inspire universal energies to activate positivity all around you. The wearer of this special 48-inch-long necklace will feel safe and loved.

Love Story #3

This 18-inch oval labradorite chaplet comes with a gold-plated clasp and pendant. The oval stones glitter with every reflection of the light. The labradorite stones bring the wearer of this amazing necklace strength and protection from unwanted energies. The necklace can be worn casually with jeans and a t-shirt, a summer dress, a night out or on a daily basis with almost any outfit.

Love Story #4

This 46-inch long square black spinel comes with a gold-plated clasp and squares. Spinel is a mineral that has metaphysical and physical properties. It has a strong vibration and channels vital positive energy. It has the power to activate the root chakra known as the center of the Kundalini energy. This powerful energy activates the other chakras and brings balance to the spirit, mind, and body of the person who wears it.

The entire Yvonne Rose Jewelry collection is made in the United States via Miami Florida. Make today the day you add these incredible pieces of jewelry for your personal collection.

Yvonne Rosemeier is a The Fashion Designer and founder of She is a fashion stylist residing in Miami, Florida where she specializes in handmade jewelry design. Her unique pieces use semi-precious stones which come from all over the world.  She is a Boutique owner in Coconut Grove FL., where she is a Professional Stylist with 7 + years experience.  Yvonne has vast experience in helping you chose the perfect outfit for any occasion or wardrobe for traveling purposes. To schedule an appointment, please email Yvonne at

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