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Connect with Your Inner Goddess with Yvonne Rose Cori Bracelets


Every woman has an inner goddess within her that needs to shine. You can connect to your inner goddess with these stylish pearl Cori bracelets by Yvonne Rose. The beautiful pearls signify innocence, faith, and charity. Pearls are known as a strong symbol of femininity that gives enhances a woman’s personal integrity.

The bracelets are 8 inches long with 10mm coin cultured pearls accented by sterling silver crystal beads. Each bracelet is handmade in the United States. These beautiful bracelets come in a stack of three which help make them the focal point of any outfit.

The color of the pearls matches with anything you wear, making them an easy everyday go-to piece. You can wear them with jeans and a t-shirt, to a business meeting or on a date. Their versatility can take you from the boardroom to vacation to grocery shopping. You will feel feminine and stylish every time you wear them.

They are also a great gift to give a friend or family member. Every woman needs some pearls in their life to help them get in touch with their inner goddess. These pearl bracelets are unique and are more beautiful than a standard string of pearls. The added sterling silver beads and other accents make them a must-have piece for your jewelry collection.

The handmade technique is done with care and purpose to create a unique and beautiful piece. They are designed and created to make a woman feel beautiful, special and feminine.

A businesswoman who attends meetings and works on presentations will value this piece of jewelry that will remind them of their faith as they conduct business. The bracelets are a beautiful accent to any business suit, skirt and blouse combo or dress.

Women who have a group of friends that share a close friendship can use the Cori bracelets by Yvonne Rose as friendship bracelets. Life often takes us far away from our friends, wearing a unique bracelet knowing your close friends are doing the same helps keep the connection. Your two best friends will be pleasantly surprised when you gift them these beautiful and meaningful bracelets.

If you are looking for a gift for a woman who has everything, these unique bracelets are an excellent choice. Gifting someone their very first piece of the Yvonne Rose collection will open up the door for them to collect more pieces throughout the years.



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